Test za proveru znanja

Stavite glagol u zagradi u odgovarajuće vreme:

  1. Tom never (have) coffee with milk. He (prefer) it with sugar only.
  2. She (have) lunch at the moment so she cannot answer the phone.
  3. Tony (work) at a post office. He (work) there for five years.
  4. What you (do) tonight? you (have) any plans?
  5. He (never, be) to Italy.
  6. Ed (stop) his car, (go) into a shop and (buy) a book.
  7. Tony (cook) while his sister (study) in the living room.
  8. Bill (have) a shower when suddenly there (be) a knock at the door.
  9. Sorry, I can’t eat. I (already/eat).
  10. When she (get) home, she (see) that somebody (leave) the door open.

Napravite množinu imenica u zagradi:

  1. How many (woman) work in your firm?
  2. You must collect all the necessary (information) before you make such a decision.
  3. She bought 3 new (knife), 2 (watch) and 4 (box).

Popunite praznine tačnim oblikom zamenica:

  1. Rina burnt while she was trying to light a cigarette.
  2. John is back in town. I haven’t seen for ages.

Pridevi i prilozi:

  1. She is not (bright) her sister.
  2. Tom is (intelligent) boy in the class.
  3. Tina is a (bad) cook than me.
  4. He drives (fast).
  5. He cooks (bad) but sings (good).

Popunite praznine odgovarajućim veznikom:

  1. Diane went skiing the freezing weather.
  2. Diane went skiing the weather was freezing.
  3. We are in a hurry. We must finish the report next week.
  4. I was working on putting up the bookshelves midnight, so I did not have much sleep.
  5. Vicky wanted to meet some friends last night. , she could not finish her work on time.